Theotoky Winery, Corfu

Theotoky Winery

The Theotoky Estate is located in the fertile Ropa Valley, in central Corfu, 16 kilometres from Corfu Town. It covers more than 300 acres, much of it covered by pine trees, olive groves and vineyards and is one of the most unspoilt spots in Corfu.

The Theotokis are an old Corfiot landowning family in Corfu, several members of which have been prominent politicians. They originally hailed from Constantinople, whence they fled following its fall to the Ottomans, eventually settling in Corfu. (The painter El Greco was descended from a branch of the same family that fled to Crete.) The Corfiot branch was ennobled by the Republic of Venice and was entered in the Libro d'Oro.

Theotoky wine is one of Greece's premier labels, recognised as the finest of wines - the product of years of experience and expertise from the Estate's 30 acres of lovingly worked vineyards. The Estate bottled vintages are available either as a delicious, crisp dry white or a sumptuous richly flavoured red. Theotoky white is a blend of two famous grapes, the Kakotrygi and Robola varieties. The Kakotrygi grape is a variety unique to Corfu whilst the famous Robola grape is grown almost exclusively on Greece's Ionian Islands. The skilled blending of these two grapes yields a delectable, crisp, dry white wine that has deservedly made Theotoky white one of Greece's most appreciated white wines, not least by 007 - James Bond himself, who nominated it as his preferred choice of white in the movie For Your Eyes Only (1981). Theotoky red is a blend of two famous varieties of grapes - Sirah and Cabernet Sauvignon. Theotoky wine is produced in the traditional way: the process of fermentation and maceration, in new oak barrels, gives the wine maturity, natural stability and superb quality and taste.

Theotoky Olive Oil is produced from start to finish on the Theotoky Estate on which over four thousand olive trees flourish without the use of chemical fertilisers. The island of Corfu is famed for its delicious olives and is said to have some four million olive trees, some more than 500 years old. During the four hundred years of Venetian Rule, the Corfiots were paid to plant and cultivate olive trees, replacing the old trees with new vigorous olive groves that flourished in Corfu's lush climate. On the Theotoky Estate, the olives are harvested by mechanical tree shakers that shake the olives into fine nets laid out round the trees. From here the olive harvest is transported directly to the Estate mill where the oil is extracted using the traditional cold pressed method, the perfect way to produce high quality olive oil.

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