Sinarades Folk Museum, Corfu

Sinarades Folk Museum

The museum is located in an old two storey house in the traditional village of Sinarades, 14 kilometres from Corfu Town.

The first floor has been preserved much as it was between 1860 and 1960 and is representative of village houses in the region. There is a "portigo" (entrance), a kitchen, a dining room, a hall and a bedroom, each containing its respective furniture and utensils.

On the second floor is a library, an archive of old documents and some small collections. A little further up the stairs is a museum exhibiting a collection of costumes, musical instruments, agricultural and household tools, lamps, scales, a cobbler's workshop, ceramics, fishing equipment and a children's corner,

Well signposted near the north entrance of an appealing village, this traditional Corfiot house (May-Oct, Tue–Sun 9.30am–2pm) holds two floors worth of exhibits. The ground floor has been left essentially as it was when inhabited, while the single-room upstairs gallery is devoted to a miscellany of bygone rural impedimenta and household widgets. The star exhibit is a surviving chunk of papyrélla raft made of cane fennel, of a type used along Corfu’s west coast until the 1950s; equally intriguing are a moray-eel trap of the same material, a wicker cage to keep toddlers from wandering off, and two ‘birthing’ saddles used by local women whilst in labour.

The museum is open daily (May to October), except for Mondays, from 9.30 am till 2.00 pm (tel. 26610-54962).

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